Sam Kerekes

Sam Kerekes
Sam Kerekes, the President of G.C.H.A.

Sam was born  to  Hungarian parents in 1956 in the town of  Pancevo (Hertelendyfalva) in the Former Yugoslavia, which is now in Serbia.  In 1969 with his family he moved to West Germany, München (Bayern), where he lived and studied. Upon finishing his technical school he received Trade Certificate and he became a  Plumber and Gas Fitter in 1976.

In 1980 he decided to  study further and received a Diploma of  Master Plumber, Gas Fitter & Drainer.  In 1988 he migrated  to Australia and settled in Melbourne where he worked for the Gas and Fuel Corporation as a gas technician. In 1990 he moved to Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) where worked with AGL Gas Company as a Commercial Gas Technician, then  later as Market Development Officer. In 2007 he moved to Gold Coast (Queensland)  where he currently lives and works as a Master Plumber and Gas Fitter.

Current Honorary Position at GCHA

In 2007 he joined  the Gold Coast Hungarian Association Inc. as a member and was eleceted as President the following year, then re-elected every year for the past 10 years.

Sam is very committed to preserve the Hungarian cultural heritage, by fostering the Hungarian language, culture, music, entertainment and our authentic gastronomy. Also to present and promote the Hungarian culture not only to the  Hunagarians who live on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and New South Wales, but also to the Gold Coast local population. He works in collaboration with local busineses and makes many friends within the communities for which he is highly respected.

His responsibilities within the Gold Coast Hungarian Association are always his high priorities, which include but are not limited to managing the assosiation, checking financial accounts, call and chair regular committee meetings, annual general meetings (AGM), and making decisions in colaboration with members of the Management Committee.

He also successfully submits funding submissions for grants at national and international levels to improve the financial status of the Gold Coast Hungarin Association as a non-profit organisation

In the past ten years the Gold Coast Hungarian Association has improved its image and activities through his positive leadership. From being an ordinary community gathering to now a vibrant, sophisticated and sucessful community. This has been achieved by  events such as the, Annual-HUNGARO Festival, Operett-Concerts, Theatrical Shows, and Church Services. Under his presidency a Community-Chapel was built at Marian Valley and also the Hungarian Rainbow-Language School in 2010. Sam would next like to establish a Scout-Group and is looking for Hungarian Scout-leaders, volunteers, and new hard working Committee Members.

Please submit you interest to or call Gyongyi 0427 748 505

The Management Committee-Team is working hard to provide you with the best possible events, entertaiment and freshly cooked food. We welcome you to have a great time.

The president’s annual report.
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